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Charlie Cook Associates has been in the horticulture business for 60+ years. With a recent leadership transition, they were looking to modernize their outdated proprietary software that could only be accessed by their team inside their office walls. We researched solutions to meet their requirements, customized, and implemented a solution for them. It's web-based and accessible from any location or device. There's an audit trail and they can even email customers from within the solution. We also helped improve and innovate on existing business workflows in the process.


Margaret Hicks, CEO

Charlie Cook Associates

Heather came in and helped to challenge our mindset as an established business to a more modernized approach with our customers and suppliers. We are thrilled with the results of our new software applications.

Carol Park, Partner

Courageous Encounters

When we sat down to discuss our business with Heather, she got it right away and was able to show us color palettes that matched the mood and tone we were wanting with our brand. Then, she created a logo that we love and a website that we've received so many compliments on!

Michael Potter, Owner

FiremanMike's BBQ

With Alexander Round's help, I was able to establish a brand - FiremanMike's BBQ - and build a website with the ability to accept payment online. Such an easy process!

When Carol and Dawn decided to start a new retreat business together, they turned to Alexander Round to help with setting up their new website, creating their brand, logo, email blasts, surveys  and more. Together, we created a brand that is already being recognized after less than a year in business and the benefits are paying off as they've had two successful retreats for therapists and are doing some amazing and much-needed work.

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